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Not sure what’s wrong? Let our experts advise you

Not sure what’s wrong? Let our experts advise you

Best Audi Repair & Audi Service in Dubai.

Powertech Auto Services provides a wide range of Audi services in Dubai from car general repair and car maintenance to electrical work, bodywork, mechanical work, and interiors. Powertech auto services are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that is implemented by our highly trained car technicians.

Audi Workshop Dubai Gallery.

Special Audi Services Dubai.

Audi Quick Service

Looking for quick Audi service? Powertech Autos has got you covered. Let our Audi experts work their magic.

Audi Engine Repair

Complete Range Of Audi engine overhauling and repair in Dubai. We will provide you with transparent estimates and free comprehensive inspection.

Audi Transmission / Gearbox repair

Our service includes Audi transmission inspection, repair, and replacement in Dubai. We fix grinding noise, rough shifts, delayed engagement etc.

Audi Pre-Purchase Inspection

Before you commit to buying Audi contact us to make sure there are no hidden surprises and you get the best value for money.

Audi General Maintenance and Repair

Premium quality Audi maintenance and repair in Dubai. We will take care of all kinds of general maintenance and repair related to your Audi.

Audi Ac Service and Repair

Highly qualified & experienced Audi AC repair & service in Dubai. Get a Free AC Inspection. Enjoy the best prices and get a free quote. Best dealer alternative. 

Audi Body Work

We offer world-class car bodywork services including dent repairs, car full body paint, and upholstery work. We are Dubai’s best body work & accident repair workshop for Audi.

Audi Convertible Roof Repair

We have expertise in fixing roof speed, stuck roof, alignment issues, flap motor fault, leaky and noisy roof, and wiring loom repairs. 

  • Advanced Diagnostics

    We pride ourselves on being the most advanced car repair service workshop in Dubai. Our cutting-edge equipment and repair techniques make us second to none when it comes to diagnostics.

  • Highly Experienced Technicians

    Powertech Autos technicians are hand-picked from the best workshops globally. They are highly trained in what they do. They come through a rigorous process of technical training and customer care.

  • Free Advice from Experienced Advisors

    Take the guesswork out of your car repair job. Let our highly skilled advisors with advanced knowledge give you a free consultation.

  • Free Pick-Up  and Delivery

    Save time and effort with Powertech Autos’ free pick-up and delivery service. We are happy to pick-up your vehicle from your office or home ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

  • Free Vehicle Inspection (T&C Apply)

    Our experienced team will offer you a free vehicle inspection. Which includes a visual inspection and system analysis. This way we can diagnose issues before they become critical problems.

  • Free Car Wash and Vacuum

    Enjoy a free car wash and vacuum from Powertech Autos along with advanced cleaning. That cleans the hardest to reach places of your vehicle.


Experienced and Highly Trained Audi Repair Service Specialists in Dubai.

We cover everything from complete inspections to general Audi repair and from engine repair and modifications to bodywork and upholstery, 

If you are looking for the best and most reliable Audi repair in Dubai? You have come to the right place. Our Audi specialists will work through each step of the process in a seamless and smooth manner.

It begins with us picking up your Audi from your home or office for free. Our technicians will then run a thorough vehicle complete diagnosis keeping in view of your complaints. At each step of the process you will be kept up to date along with the details of diagnostic report.

You will receive a transparent and honest estimate with a complete cost breakdown. Once we have your approval, we begin working on your Audi and resolve all issues outlined in our initial assessment and estimate.

Once everything has been fixed we perform a final road test to ensure everything is working as it should. Finally, Powertech will wash and vacuum your Audi and deliver it you anywhere in Dubai. 

Powertech Autos’ management has over 25 years of experience of running successful auto workshops in Los Angeles. We bring the world’s best Auto repair methodologies and techniques to Dubai. We provide a service that’s based on professionalism and excellence. Our goal is to keep your Audi on the road for the longest possible time with the least amounts of visits to the workshop. And that is why we have one of the highest success rates and customer happiness scale among all auto workshops in Dubai.

What we cover:

  • Audi Computer Diagnostics
  • Audi Quick Service
  • Audi Major and Minor Service
  • Audi General Maintenance and Repair
  • Audi Engine Repair
  • Audi Transmission and Gearbox Repair
  • Audi Suspension Repair
  • Audi AC Repair
  • Audi Brakes Repair
  • Audi Oil Change
  • Audi Full Vehicle Inspection
  • Audi Body Work
  • Audi Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection
  • Audi Convertible Roof Repair
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